The Pleasant Hill Free Will Baptist Church is a relatively small congregation. Although smaller in size, the church has a desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Our objective is to reach as many as possible through the ministry of the local church.

Please find below a list of our church ministries:

Youth Ministry – Teachers in the church understand susceptibility and the harmful influence it can have on a young mind. Therefore, because of the rise of the liberal agenda, we believe it is imperative our young people know the Scriptures and how to skillfully apply the Word to their everyday lives.

In addition to an emphasis on God’s Word, we desire our young people have a good time in the Lord. Once a year the church will help sponsor the youth so they can attend a Bible Camp.  Vacation Bible School is always a joy for those involved and contributions made to the local community are very rewarding. It is not uncommon to find our teenagers feeding the homeless at a local shelter, or performing home chores for a shut-in. The teens will also assist adults who do not have the time to do the work themselves. We are truly blessed with a great group of young people.

Junior Church – In addition to youth meetings on Wednesday night and regular Sunday school, some of our children take part in junior church. During the Sunday morning adult service, junior church is an option for the younger children.

Ladies Aide - Ladies Aide plays a crucial role as a support system for the church. Following a funeral, the ladies will have food available for the grieving family. There are other times when an individual may need financial assistance. The ladies will do whatever they can to either contribute to the cause, or orchestrate with other departments to help meet the need. Pastoral bonuses are due in part to the contribution of Ladies Aide and financial support from the church.

Come and Dine – Come and Dine is one of our latest outreach ministries. Some of the ladies in the church had a burden to feed the homeless and those who did not have money to purchase food. If you are reading this and this applies to your circumstances, please come as our invited guest. Or, if you know someone who  could benefit from some food and fellowship, please pass the word. Come and Dine is held the 3rd. Friday of each month from 4-6 pm.